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Is a Lawyer Required for Every Workers Comp Claim?

A work comp lawyer is not required for every workers compensation claim. If a worker has filed their claim with the state and received an initial denial, that worker can hire their own attorney after receiving legal advice from the state’s attorneys. Also, some states allow the family of a deceased worker to hire their own attorney.

If a claim has been accepted and the injured worker is waiting to receive benefits, it is not necessary for an attorney to file a lawsuit. The insurance company will likely send a letter to the worker, asking for an attorney to contact them about their claim.

Also, if there is a revenue loss, the employer may have to pay for their own attorney. There are cases where disputed issues have been resolved by the claimant (usually through arbitration) in the state’s workers compensation system. Other times the employer cannot afford to hire an attorney and will sue the worker (sometimes even in small claims court).

Rules of Lawsuit Filing

The law does not require a lawyer for a workers compensation lawsuit. However, in most states a lawyer must be hired for any lawsuits that are filed against an employer in the workers compensation system. If a lawsuit is filed, which is rare, the injured worker will have to hire their own workers’ comp lawyer in Allentown because lawyers have specific requirements that have to be met before they can represent potential clients in court.

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In many states, the injured worker is not required to hire a lawyer in order to receive workers compensation benefits. However, if the worker has been denied their benefits, there are very specific things that have to be done. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the worker hires a lawyer before appealing their claim with the state’s administrators. If the appeal is successful, then there may be no need for a lawyer as long as they are receiving their benefits.

Main Reason to Hire a Lawyer

The reasons to hire an attorney when trying to file a workers compensation claim are based on the severity of your injury and how much money you lost. If you were injured in an accident at work, and you missed substantial time from work, then you may need a lawyer. Also, there is no stigma attached to hiring an attorney if other employees have hired their lawyers after having their injuries evaluated by the state’s workers compensation system.

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