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What are the signs to tell a seller is motivated for a real estate deal

If one thing sets successful real estate investors apart from those who are failing, they have mechanisms for producing leads. They have systems in place that run consistently every day, like clockwork. An owner who needs to sell their home soon and satisfies at least one of the following criteria is considered a motivated seller.

  • They are prepared to sell for 10% and 30% less than the going rate.
  • They’re prepared to sell on particular conditions without a down payment or interest.

Both scenarios would be ideal, but working with them has the benefit of being feasible because of their pressing motivations for selling. You’re there to aid them in finding a solution.

Signs of a motivated seller

  • The owner is considerably more likely to rush to sell and care less about the price if they go through a life-changing event, such as divorce, probate, bankruptcy, or relocating nationwide.
  • People who desire to downsize frequently seek a simpler lifestyle. They desire a less-maintenance, smaller home. And the condition of things in their current residences probably has them feeling overwhelmed. These people frequently desire to receive cash for their property, even as-is.
  • If a property has been listed on the MLS for an extended period (say, six months or longer) without selling, there is likely a problem with the home. And the owner might be eager to sell quickly for cash now that they have accepted that.
  • If the owner fails to address the issues with the property, they can still be attempting to obtain top cash. However, they might be more open to a deal if they are upfront and truthful about the quality of the house.

It need not be difficult to get motivated seller leads and negotiate with them if you have Choose one or two techniques for generating leads more quickly. Keep following up; you never know what will happen after the third, fourth, or sixteenth time. Real estate investing requires tenacity and patience to succeed. It can take a lot of practice to find leads from motivated sellers and get in touch with them. If you are consistent, you will succeed in your real estate investment profession.

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