Great Deal to Sell Your House

Best ways to Sell Your House?

One of the biggest struggles for most people is buying a house. But selling is just as confusing and challenging if we don’t do it correctly. Deciding the right price for the house is one of the first steps and also a very critical one. Keep the price too high, and you might get fewer offers. Keep it too low, and you lose the chance to get a fair price. Hence, it would help if you were careful while making a decision

Different ways of selling a House

  • Through a Sales Agent

This method is the preferred choice for the majority as we can avoid the most complicated tasks, such as finding buyers, negotiating with them, and getting all the legal documentation to the agent. Many agents even take the responsibility of showing the property to buyers. The only downside is having to pay a fee to the agent.

  • By yourself

This method can be more complicated, but if you have good connections, know the legal stuff, and have the time, you can keep the agent fee for yourself by using this method. Generally, people who sell their house without the help of an agent advertise their property online and in newspapers and social media. The downside of this method is having to do everything yourself, from finding buyers to showing them the property to getting all the documentation done, which can be tiring and time-consuming.

  • Expressions of Interest

Selling your house With EOI is similar to doing it yourself.  You don’t have to pay any agent fee; you will invite potential buyers to submit an offer to buy your house and set a specific deadline. Each buyer will put forward their best and final offer in written form, and after 4-6 weeks, you select the highest bidder and get the deal done.

  • Auction

An auction may save time but can be more tiring and stressful. It would help if you did lots of preparation before an auction, and on a fixed date, buyers interested in buying the property will show up and compete in bidding for the house. The amount usually starts low, but depending on the mood, the crowd may increase drastically.

  • Selling it to an estate company

Recently many estate companies have started buying houses directly without requiring any repairs or renovations from owners and then reselling them after renovating them for a higher price.

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